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Water conservation and efficiency aren't just for hot, dry summer days when our water resources are stretched. Efficient use of water during drought and wet years alike saves you money and just makes sense - not to mention that it's also good for the environment! The less water you use directly lowers the amount of energy and fuel used to pump, treat, and distribute that water to you.

We are committed to providing tools, tips and services that will assist our customers in reaching all of their conservation and efficiency goals.

  • CURRENT DROUGHT LEVEL - Rincon Water's Board of Directors rescinded the Level 2 - Drought Alert and returned to Level 1 - Drought Watch on 06/28/16, after meeting the State Water Resources Control Board's (State Board) stress test requirements for drought conditions. (As part of our commitment to transparency, the documents submitted to the State Board can be viewed by clicking here.) Level 1 - Drought Watch, requires that our customers meet voluntary water use reductions up to 10% and follow the Permanent Water Use Restrictions that we enforce on a daily basis as part of our water conservation ethic. Please see below for these restrictions.

  • POTABLE WATER USE RESTRICTIONS - Permanent water use restrictions are currently in effect. To review the restrictions, please click here.

  • WATER SURVEY PROGRAM - Need help with your irrigation system? Our experts are available to help you get the most from your irrigation system while promoting healthy plants. We make house calls, so call us to schedule your appointment today at 760-745-5522 extension 503.

  • INCENTIVE OPPORTUNITIES - As a Rincon Water customer, you are eligible for water conservation incentives provided by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the San Diego County Water Authority. To file for a residential or commercial rebate please click here for the SoCal Water Smart Program. Currently, rebates are available for:

    Residential Incentives Commercial Incentives
    High Efficiency Washing Machine High Efficiency Toilet
    High Efficiency Toilet Ultra-Low and Zero Flow Urinal
    Rotating Nozzles Food Steamer
    Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Conductivity Controller
    Soil Moisture Sensor Weather-Based Irrigation Controller
    Rain Barrel Flow Control Valves
    Grass Removal - Out of Funding Rotary Nozzles... and more.
  • OTHER GREAT RESOURCES - Check out these great conservation resources!

    Water Home Tour - Investigate ways to save water throughout your home.

    Drought Monitor - See current drought assessments for California.

    Save Our Water - Learn about what you can do to save California's water.

    San Diego County Water Authority - Find out what is going on regionally with water.

    The Garden Spot - Check out the low water use California Friendly Gardening Guide containing over 1,500 low water use plants


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