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Special Districts are a form of local government, created by a local community, to meet specific needs within a specific boundary. Those boundaries can range from a single neighborhood to a vast area and are generally relative to the type of services that are being provided.  Nearly 85% of California’s Special Districts perform a single function such as wastewater, water, fire protection, health care, or cemetery management. But sometimes a Special District, like community services districts, may provide two or more services. Rincon Water for an example, provides water services and fire protection services within its parent district.  And, as a special district, Rincon Water is a member of the San Diego Chapter of Special Districts.

Help us get the word out on Special Districts and apply for a grant for your students or have your high school student research, develop a video and win!


2018 Field Trip Grant (4th - 8th grade)

Two grants will be awarded this year, funded by the San Diego Chapter of the California Special District Association.  Each award will include a field trip to the Special District of your choice (selected from the list on the back of this brochure), and up to $800 to cover the cost of up to two buses to transport your students.  A  Special District liaison will also be assigned to you to assist with your field trip planning.  Applications are due by March 16, 2018.


2018 High School Student Video Contest (9th - 12th grade)

Create a 1-2 minute video educating the public about, "What's So Special About Special Districts?"  Prizes are $1,000 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd place, $500 for 3rd place and a school award of $250 per each prize winner.  Videos must be about Special Districts and how they serve the community. We encourage you to contact a special district in your community for insight. Video submissions are due by 4/1/18.


How to Apply 

Grant applications and video contest rules, judging criteria, and contest applications are available at  

Good luck! And thank you for helping to spread the word about the value of Special Districts - from the roots up!





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