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Questions About Your Service

Am I in your Service Area? Check here to see if we serve your address.

When Can I Start Water Service? If completing the online start service form, your request will be processed in two business days. If calling to start service, your request will be processed the next business day. Service can be started the same day or after hours for the additional fee of $100.

Why Is My Water Bill Higher This Month? If you see an increase in your water bill it may be due to a number of factors other than a billing error. Water consumption varies from month to month especially for outdoor water use, such as landscape irrigation. An increase may also indicate a problem with your system, for example a leaking plumbing fixture or a malfunctioning automatic sprinkler or drip system. Learning to read your water meter can help. Still at a loss on why your bill has increased? Contact a Customer Service Representative.

What is the Account Setup Fee? An account setup fee of $14 will appear on your first bill. This fee is used to cover costs associated with opening and closing your account. There is no account closing fee.

What is the Deposit? A minimum $150 deposit is placed on all residential accounts. However, the deposit may be waived if you can obtain a "letter of credit" from a previous or current utility company prior to your first day of water service - request a letter from SDG&E here. The letter needs to show satisfactory payment, defined as:

  • No more than 1 late charge in 12 months
  • No returned payment charges
  • No disconnections for non-payment
  • No bankruptcies or liens filed

The deposit will be included with your first bill. If the letter of credit is received prior to the first day of receiving water service, by fax to 760-745-4235 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at 1920 North Iris Lane, no deposit will be billed. Deposits for residential accounts will either be returned to the customer after maintaining a satisfactory payment history for 24 months or will be applied to the closing bill when the account is closed, whichever occurs first.

Why Don’t I Have Water Service? If you have just moved into your residence, you need to call us to set up your water service in order to establish a new account. If you are not a new Rincon Water customer and you don't have water flow, check on the following:

Have you had any landscape projects or home repairs performed by someone else? Often these types of projects require that the water be turned off; either at the shut-off valve located near your house or the shut-off valve located on the customer side of the water meter.

Did you make your payment? If we have not received payment on your account by the due date your service may be interrupted until it is received.

If none of these apply to you, and your neighbors are experiencing the same problem, there may be an outage in your area. Contact a Customer Service Representative to report it and/or receive information on the outage duration.