Serving the Greater

Escondido Valley Since 1954

Gregory Quist

Current Term:
2015 - 2018

Terms of Service: 7

Dr. Gregory Quist was elected to the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District’s Board in November of 1990 as the Division I representative of Rincon Water’s Improvement District “1” and Improvement District “E”. Dr. Quist currently serves on Rincon Water’s Finance, Insurance, and Personnel (FIP) and Audit committees. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Urban Water Institute. Dr. Quist served as Rincon Water’s representative to the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) for 12 years. He was the Chair of the Economic Study Group, a group of north San Diego County Water agencies that negotiated a landmark agreement with the SDCWA, saving millions in annual costs.

Dr. Quist has been a high technologist and business manager for most of his career, working for nine years at SAIC as Vice President of the Signature Technology Division, and then as inventor and entrepreneur founding a string of small high technology start-up companies, most recently SmartCover Systems of Escondido, CA. Educated as a physicist, Dr. Quist received his BS in astrophysics from Yale and PhD in applied theoretical physics from UC Santa Barbara.

Dr. Quist is a long-time Escondido resident, enjoying growing avocados and citrus on his property. He has been a youth softball and baseball coach, served as deacon and treasurer at his local church, and has been actively involved in a variety of neighborhood organizations. Married to Cindy for 31 years, his grown children are now pursuing careers in law and business. In his rare free time he enjoys playing basketball, tennis and golf, and hiking and fishing in the eastern Sierras.

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