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The start of daylight saving time on March 11 offers residents a seasonal reminder to check their irrigation systems for efficient operation when they change their clocks. It’s important to ensure irrigation timers are set correctly and that irrigation systems function properly because about half of the water used at typical California homes is outdoors and inefficiencies can waste large volumes of water.

The beginning and end of daylight saving time provide great opportunities to adjust irrigation controllers so they match the season; as seasons change and plants become established, their water needs also change. In addition, residents should look for leaks and check the direction and condition of sprinkler nozzles to prevent overspray and runoff.

 As homeowners inspect irrigation systems for maintenance and repair needs, it’s also an ideal time to consider taking advantage of rebates to upgrade to the latest water-efficient technology. Advances such as high-efficiency sprinklers and smart irrigation controllers – which account for weather and soil moisture conditions – help to deliver just the right amount of water, allowing plants and landscapes to thrive while reducing water waste.

Residents can save money on high-efficiency irrigation components such as rotating sprinkler nozzles – which use 20 percent less water than traditional nozzles – with rebates available through SoCal WaterSmart. Other water-saving upgrades eligible for rebates include soil moisture sensor systems and smart irrigation controllers. For rebate details, go to

The Water Authority provides many other water-saving resources for residents and businesses, including: free water-use checkups for homes and businesses; rebates for high-efficiency washing machines; water-efficiency training for professional landscapers; an online home water-use calculator; WaterSmart landscaping classes for homeowners; and incentives for homeowners whose landscape upgrades meet rigorous sustainable landscape standards. For more tips and resources, go to


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