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Escondido Valley Since 1954


On March 31, 2018 Rincon Water and the City of Escondido were awarded the American Legions’ Citation for Meritorious Service and Loyal Cooperation at the annual Police and Fire, Law and Order, Dinner and Awards Ceremony. This award was in honor of the Escondido Fire Department and Rincon Water’s partnership which focused on fire detector installation at various mobile home parks throughout Escondido. In addition, Rincon Water was also recognized by the County of San Diego for earning the American Legion’s prestigious award.


Picture (right to left): Escondido Fire Department Fire Investigator Sandy Bauer, Escondido Fire Department Operations Chief John Tenger, Rincon Water General Manager Greg Thomas, Escondido Fire Department Division Chief Art Holcomb, County of San Diego Senior Policy Advisor Christi Knight, and Escondido Police Captain Eric Skaja.