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Few would disagree that water and "Quality of Life" go hand in hand in arid southern California.  This bond is especially true in a region where the combined engines of population growth and industrial development increasingly stress the supply of high quality water.  To successfully meet this critical issue calls for competent and informed leaders to manage our water resources fairly and efficiently.

Traditionally, a water manager's primary job was to deal with mostly engineering and financial issues, a task later complicated by the onset of legal, environmental, regulatory, climatic and personnel challenges.  Today, a water manager's life is even more complex facing complex issues involving desalination, waste and storm water recycling, integrated watershed planning, and conjunctive management of surface and ground water.  

For all of these reasons, CSUSM, Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District, and others representing the regional water industry, have joined forces to develop a unique intermediate level certificate program; one designed to familiarize participants with issues and points of view they might not encounter otherwise.  While open to the general public, this program is geared toward individuals already employed in the water industry and wish to advance their supervisory skills and knowledge.

Left Picture: Certification graduation ceremony on August 15.

Right Picture (from left to right):

Top Row - Greg Thomas, Rincon General Manager; Nick Lyuber, Rincon Senior Engineer (2018 Certification Program Graduate); Clint Baze, Rincon Director of Operations and Engineering; and, Julia Escamilla, Rincon Public Services Information Officer/Water Conservationist.

Bottom Row - James Murtland, Rincon Board President; David Drake, Rincon Board Secretary/Treasurer; and, Erin Lump, Rincon Board Vice President.