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2014 Consumer Confidence Report   Backflow Test Form
2015 Consumer Confidence Report   Claim Form
2016 Consumer Confidence Report   Construction Meter Application
2017 Consumer Confidence Report    
2018 Consumer Confidence Report ID A    
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Strategic Plan - 2014   Auto-Payment Enrollment Form
Urban Water Management Plan 2015   Bill Dispute Form
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  Rates, Fees, and Charges
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   Appendix K   Proposition 218 Notice (2015)
   DWR Acceptance Letter   Notificación de Proposición 218 (2015)
Water Master Plan - 2014    
Wastewater Master Plan - 2016   Administration
Finance   Administrative Code - 2017
2017-18 and 2018-19 Budget   Public Records Request
2017-18 and 2018-19 Budget in Brief   Ordinance 15-120.2 (Drought)
2015 Cost of Service & Rate Study   Ordinance 19-121 (Sewer)
2016-17 Annual Financial Report   Board of Directors Forms
2015-16 Annual Financial Report   Expense Claim Form
2014-15 Annual Financial Report   Per Diem/Mileage Form 2019
2013-14 Annual Financial Report   Travel Request Form
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Ordinance No. 2013.116.1-3    Elected Officials and Employees


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